frustrated writer with head and fist on desk

I remember when I first decided to start writing content, I believed the world would be my oyster. So many endless opportunities, there are businesses being incepted each day. Each one looking for a content writer or a copywriter to help them with burdening the content load. Today, content is…

bronze statue in thinking pose with a red background

I find myself overthinking my passions to death. A fun pursuit has turned into an over-analyzed, nitpicked craze. The tone of my voice inside my head that dictates my writing has gone and I’m still waiting for it to come back. It must have not gotten the memo that vacations…

Quote taken from the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”.

You ever find yourself too caught up in the moment? Or just overthinking something and anxiously looking forward to it past the point of unbearable, where you begin to loathe it? We’ve all been there. I remember once I was meant to go on a 3-day getaway with a group…

Ali H. Fawaz

A freelance writer.

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